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She wanted to take Bryn but Jason nixed that. At that point divorce rumors were already swirling and this raised some eyebrows. The following December, two days before Christmas, Bethenny confirms the divorce on twitter. Then she spends Christmas in Aspen, with her friend, Warren Lichtenstein. Stories diverge a bit here. Some say she was there after Christmas but not Christmas day. It seems on this trip, she took Bryn with her. Both parents are seeking physical custody of Bryn. I find that hard to believe.

Meanwhile, Jason continues to wear his wedding ring. Many find this odd, but not me. In the ruling at the Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Manuel Mendez wrote that it was a 'complex matter that has been hotly contested'. He had ordered an independent Special Referee to review Miss Bond's claims for her legal fees and in his ruling made last week, he said they should stand.

Andrew Lichtenstein says Annabelle Bond is a spendthrift who has lied about her wealth Just friends? Bethenny Frankel has been romantically linked to Lichtenstein but they deny they are dating. They were seen together in St Tropez. The Real Housewife was promoting low calorie wine earlier this month Justice Mendez wrote that some of the claims by Bond's lawyers, Manhattan-based Blank Rome were 'excessive' and reduced them. However overall he found that the Special Referee's findings were 'appropriate' and there was 'no basis to deny the award'.

Lichtenstein initially told the court that he would appeal but withdrew it soon after. The case was closed but another lawsuit filed by Bond is ongoing. Michael Rome of Blank Rome declined to comment and Miss Bond did not respond to a request for comment via email. Lichtenstein's lawyer Stanley Arkin said that the Hong Kong child support judgement was 'beyond outrageous' and 'sloppy' and that he would continue to fight it.

The daughter of Sir John Bond, Annabelle has long been a fixture on the international party circuit but also a mountaineer who became the fourth woman to reach the summit of Everest Colossus: Sir John Bond was seen as the 'corporate genius' who made HSBC a global banking giant At one point they were engaged but they broke up in , at the time on good terms, and Isabella was born afterwards.

But their relationship deteriorated when Miss Bond moved to Hong Kong with Isabella and took Lichtenstein to the High Court in London where judges ruled that he should pay her child support. In Lichtenstein hit back and filed a lawsuit against Miss Bond's boyfriend Cader in New York's Federal Court — Miss Bond lives in Hong Kong but Cader lives in Manhattan.

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